about-usI am Gobinder Singh Randhawa (aka Jonty), living with my mother, father, wife and two sons in Landa village of District Ludhiana. I chose apiculture as my profession at a young age. The main person who inspired me towards beekeeping was Sardar Baldev Singh (head of my village).

Before starting beekeeping I took 8 days training from PAU and just after that I started beekeeping. I started with 114 honey bee boxes by taking a loan of Rs 280000, and today I have 1000 honey bee boxes. I never use chemicals or supplements for beekeeping, I always prefer natural feed like sugar grinded jaggery for pure and high-quality yield. I make honey from marigold and mustard flowers.

I also started a group “BIG B” by the cooperation of my friends in 2004 to help the people who are associated with beekeeping work. I am the president of that group and till now, 310 members have joined it. I try to help every person who is related to beekeeping business whether it’s a lady who makes face and body covering masks or a man who make wooden bee hives boxes on a small level.

From the begging I was interested in exporting my products, so now I export Bee wax to the US. In India I sell my products in bulk at Doraha, Ludhiana, GT Road and from it I am earning well. I am also a registered supplier of National Horticulture Department and my yearly revenue is around 3 crores.

Dr. Ramandeep Singh (Agri Business Expert, Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana) helped me a lot in by sending necessary information through WhatsApp group about the events and fairs. In the future, I am planning to introduce more honey products like bee venom, royal jelly, and honey bee pollen grains and export it in the international market, because of its high demand.





Honey (mustard and marigold), Bee Wax.

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Those youngsters who commit suicide after facing failure, shouldn’t do that and start recognizing their potential. Because if a person has the willpower to do anything then they can achieve it and can reach any stage in their life very easily. Committing suicide is not the solution.



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